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Bicycle Gear Scoring Tool 


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Bicycle Gear Scoring Tool 

Written By: Nicole Catrett 


We discovered this beautiful Japanese tool for scoring cardboard, and it inspired us to make 
our own version using a bicycle gear. 

Step 1 — Bicycle Gear Scoring Tool 

• To make your very own bicycle 
gear scoring tool, you need to 
scavenge the following items: 

• one-speed BMX freewheel 

• a steel, adjustable bottom 
bracket (or bb) cup, 1 .37 x 24 
threads per inch 

• lock ring 

• You can find most of these things 
new at a good bike shop, but these 
parts are often thrown out and it is 
worth looking for used ones. 

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Bicycle Gear Scoring Tool 

Step 2 

• To make a handle for your tool, start by tracing the inside of the lock ring onto a piece of 

• Now draw a handle shape to your liking and cut it out. 

Step 3 

• Trace your original handle about five or six times and cut these pieces out. 

• Stack the pieces and glue them together, alternating the direction of the corrugation (this 
will give it a bit more strength). 

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Bicycle Gear Scoring Tool 

Step 4 

• Screw the b.b. cup into the 

Step 5 

• Push the b.b. cup through the hole 
in your cardboard handle. 

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Bicycle Gear Scoring Tool 

Step 6 

• Screw the lock ring onto the b.b. 

Step 7 

• Grab a piece of cardboard and try out your new tool! 

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Bicycle Gear Scoring Tool 

Step 8 

• Cardboard origami! 

Step 9 

• You can make a wood handle if you like, but you get bonus points for using cardboard. 

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